myVesta is Debian fork of VestaCP that is under development by one of the VestaCP developers.
Focused on security and stability, with a lot of security improvements.

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At least 4425 active servers powered by myVesta

Latest release: 0.9.9-0-11

Latest build date: 30-May-2024

Version 0.9.9-0-11 [30-May-2024]
* Introducing v-run-wp-cli command ( @isscbta )
* Introducing v-add-wordpress-admin command ( @isscbta )
* Few bugs fixed
If you get "GPG error signatures couldn't be verified, public key is not available NO_PUBKEY 88807D4B2221338C" - see our announcement.

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Download the installation script:

curl -O

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About VestaCP

Special thanks to and Serghey Rodin for open-source VestaCP project.

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Vesta is licensed under GPL v3 license